Wednesday, November 04, 2009

British Democracy 1649-2009

Democracy was born in Britain on the 4th. January 1649. On that day the House of Commons enacted itself as the final authority in England, in words which have echoed down the centuries.

Resolved, &c. That the Commons of England, in Parliament assembled, do Declare, That the People are, under God, the Original of all just Power:
And do also Declare, that the Commons of England, in Parliament assembled, being chosen by, and representing the People, have the Supreme Power in this Nation:
And do also Declare, That whatsoever is enacted, or declared for Law, by the Commons, in Parliament assembled, hath the Force of Law; and all the People of this Nation are concluded thereby, although the Consent and Concurrence of King, or House of Peers, be not had thereunto.

The people are the original of all just Power; the Commons, representing and chosen by the people, have Supreme Power. This is the fundamental principle of democracy.
Others enacted the same principle for themselves, notably the Americans. It is the root of all constitutions written at the independence of the countries of the British Empire.

Through the centuries the British people kept faith with this fundamental democratic principle, when necessary fighting devastating wars in its defence.

Today, 4th. November 2009, this principle is formally abandoned. Yesterday the Czech president signed the Constitution of Europe, the Lisbon Treaty, devised and written by the unelected Eurocracy.
The Eurocracy has taken to itself the power to over-rule national governments, including our House of Commons. The new unelected President of Europe will have precedent over our Prime Minister. Britain is to be an off-shore island in a European federation, a German-French hegemony.

All this has come about by stealth, small step by small step. Politicians have lied to their electorates and betrayed solemn undertakings to bring us to this.
Let New Labour be remembered as the government which ended 360 years of sturdy democratic  independence of my country.
Let Gordon Brown be remembered as the unelected Prime Minister who sneakily signed the Lisbon Treaty without the authorisation of the British people.

From now on I shall give financial and electoral support to politicians pledged to repatriate the Supreme Power which a generation of politicians have ceded to the Eurocracy. This will over-ride all other issues. If it means supporting people to whom previously I would not give time of day, so be it.

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