Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Woddis, Thou Shouldst Be Living At This hour ..

The late great Roger Woddis wrote this poem, after some scandal had been given a whitewash after an investigation.
It keeps going round in my head, especially as the electioneering gets under way. It seems to summarise so much about our 'low, dishonest decade', ending in banking, economic, social and political crisis.

Nobody put their hand out,
Nobody took a bribe,
Nobody was compromised
By acts you could describe.

Nobody got away with it,
Nobody thought they could,
And all of them were honest men,
And all of them were good.

Nobody bought a cabinet,
Whatever you may hear,
And all of them were honest men,
And all were in the clear.

Nobody did a secret deal,
Nobody was for sale,
Nobody bent the rules at all,

And nobody went to jail.

And all of them were honest men,
As white as driven snow,

And all lived on a higher plane,
And spat on those below.

There is uncertainty about the second letter of the second word in the last line.

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Nikita said...

Very apt!

It's worrying how quickly the electorate forget, isn't it?