Saturday, May 01, 2010

Two More Aphorisms

If patients say a physiotherapist is nice or kind, she / he is not doing a good job.

So I was pleased when my old dad said to me after his aortic valve graft: 'That young woman physiotherapist, she's cruel; she made me get out of bed the morning after my operation'.

The best physios. are popular with patients when they are recovered and ready to go home, but not before.


Nikita said...

Veering off on a slight tangent here perhaps.

If someone is pleasant or kind to me - I will say so. If I find an psychian particularly kind and respectful - I will say "Thank you. You are a good man." However, I am led to believe that this would mark me out as a probable manipulative patient. If thought of as an aphorism, would the doc think I was really saying he was crap?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately nurses who have been sent on Mental Capacity Act training will no longer get patients out of bed if they say they do not want to. Getting patients out of bed is a life saver but the law now stops us.

miriam said...

When I had my knee replaced, the physical therapist was very, very tough. Sometimes I had tears in my eyes. Sometimes I cursed him.

I now bless him. The knee is perfect, better, says the surgeon, than many real knees. He thinks I am a miracle.