Sunday, December 19, 2010

For Golden Girls

I have a new vocation: poet laureate to my grand-daughters.
So far only the two older girls have been honoured with limericks from Grandpa. No doubt the younger two will be warned what may come their way.

These are for Lizzie, 9 in January, reluctant to learn to read at first, now a voracious reader - a true bookworm. Just as her father was at that age.

"They said reading is hard, but it's easy",
Said a blue-eyed blonde bookworm called Lizzie;
"These books that I'm reading
Are all that I'm needing,
So don't interrupt me, I'm busy".

"I'm eight now" said Lizzie "that means
My long legs need
serge bleu de Nimes;
Leave frilly pink dresses
For fairy princesses:
Tantara, kids, it's Lizzie blue-jeans".

And, in The Emperor chinese restaurant.

"I'm crackers for crackers" said Liza,
Prawn crackers, my top appetizer.
At an Emperor lunch
I crunch and I munch,
If the waitress brings more I'll surprise her."

For her younger sister, Catherine, who declared she was The Spotty Princess, so all around should wear spotty clothes.

Catherine Emma said "Grandpa, confess!
Your green tie has no spots like my dress.
You choose with more care
The clothes that you wear
When you visit the Spotty Princess."

And, for their mother Pam, an enthusiastic runner of marathons.

Top Mum Pam came home from her run,
Saying "O that was good, I had fun.
On the riverbank road
I raced Mr. Toad -
And would you believe it, I won!'

Having a doting grandpa / father-in-law has its disadvantages!